AKC Border Collies bred for outstanding quality

About Us and our kennel

Although relatively new to the breed, I have been associated with the dog world for over 30 years. See my blog for more details of how I got my start in this breed.

My dream is to produce quality Border Collies that will contribute to the breed for years to come. I will be very selective in any future breeding program, breeding only the highest quality bred dogs themselves. We are not a backyard breeder producing puppies to sell to pet homes. We are a Show Breeder with the goal to produce Show quality puppies to compete in the breed ring, obedience and agility. We hope to produce both beauty and brains. 

In order to produce the quality we are striving for, all of our dogs are given the following tests to insure you are purchasing a puppy with a clean bill of health:

Hip Tests

Hip dysplasia is very common among some larger breeds of dogs. Therefore, many breeders will require that your stud dog be tested for hip dysplasia before allowing you to breed. Dogs with a history of hip dysplasia are typically avoided in most dog breeding arenas. Furthermore, you may be required to get a hip certification from certifying organizations, such as: the LSA, PennHip, ODC or the American Veterinarian Association.

Eye Tests

Eye tests are almost always a required health test for most breeds of dogs. Cataracts and other types of eye illnesses can be hereditary; therefore, most breeders will insist on eye testing before allowing the dog to be bred.

Elbow Testing

In very popular breeds such as Golden retrievers or Labrador retrievers, as well as many others, elbow dysplasia can be a common and debilitating problem. Therefore, a certification that warrants that the dog is free from elbow dysplasia is quite common as a requirement for the breeding of large, popular dog breeds.

These are but a few of the common types of health tests that may be required for your stud dog before we, as breeders, will allow the dog to mate with a female, and visa versa. 

Noir & Blanc border collie puppies will be born in our house with constant supervision. They will be  handled daily with a loving, gentle touch. 

 All of our puppies will be raised with the Bio Sensor or Super Dog program "Early Neurological Stimulation". They will be introduced to a dremel once per week as a means of filing their nails. They will be weighed once per week from birth and their weights are to be recorded to monitor their progress from birth. From the age of 5 weeks, puppies will continue to experience human interaction and play sessions several times a day.  A sound effects CD will be played throughout the day exposing them to such sounds as thunderstorms, dogs barking, children crying, loud gun shots, etc.  This is the same sound effects CD that is played by the Guide Dogs for the Blind in CA when raising their own litters.

All puppies will be given Wendy Volhard's "Puppy Aptitude Test", which was developed to determine behavioral traits of adult dogs by evaluating puppies at 49 days of age, and Pat Hastings "Puppy Puzzle"  which is to evaluate the structural quality of puppies, which will be conducted at 8 weeks of age, before they become available to prospective homes, or retained to add to our breeding program. 
We invite you to follow us on this incredible journey.

Audrey Young